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Usha Breco Limited, is a name synonymous with Social commitment and environment responsiveness. Since the commencement of its Ropeway plant at the Maa Mansadevi Shrine in Haridwar in 1981, the company has been engaged in several CSR activities. We have actively participated in the greening of Haridwar – one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations in India, along with other environmental up gradation programs,  Sensitizing the school children by organizing several activities like ‘Paryavaran Rally’, ‘Marathon’, ‘Painting & Rangoli competition’ on various environmental topics.  Mentioned below are some of the activities undertaken by us for helping people around.

Formation and Vocational Training through, “Usha – the awakening – Swayam Sahayata Samuh”, Self-Help Groups

We have formed small self-help groups of women living near the areas where we operate our ropeway projects. Belonging to the financially weaker strata of the society, we help these women earn a decent livelihood by enhancing their alternate skills. These women are empowered with handicraft training and are taught to make items from Raw Jute. We understand that there is a desperate need to make these women financially stable and such training activities will enhance their importance in their respective families.

The items made by them include Jute baskets, slippers, mobile covers, dolls and more and have received great feedback from the consumer market. The jute baskets are also used by the retailers, in nearby Temples, for offering prasadam to the deity. This activity alone helps each woman to earn around 1500 INR to 3000 INR. Presently, about 71 women are engaged in this activity for more than a year since July 2011.

To further enhance the skills of such financially deprived women and to  help them make a respectable earning,  we have:

  • Imparted specialized handicraft training  on creating jute items under dedicated schemes of the National Jute board, Kolkata
  • Provided training to the women of a nearby village Meawala in Dehradun, on special request.
  • Trained the women living in the vicinity of Gujarat ropeways at Kalidevi and Ambaji.
  • Enrolled the self-help group with the Raw Jute suppliers of the National Jute Board, Kolkata, to obtain jute directly from Kolkata.
  • Facilitated the procurement of jute from Kolkata to help avail raw materials at a lesser cost.
  • Helped in the sale of  products through display and promotions at our ropeway counters while ensuring proper disbursement  of the money to the ladies.
  • Purchased the product and paid the self-help groups on  a weekly basis. These products are then sold through various counters made for this purpose near the ropeway premises. This is a self-sustaining activity where we provide the initial training, raw materials, take care of the sales promotion activities and also train the new comers on a continuous basis.
  • Established a Community centre in Kashipura, “Ambedkar Bhawan”.
  • Organized various vocational courses for the students of Bhrampuri.

Blood Donation Camps

Our employees have always been motivated towards philanthropic activities. To fuel their interests, we organize blood donation camps on a regular basis. These camps are organized with immense support from the local community surrounding our ropeway locations. Not surprisingly, this initiative has received great support and has been welcomed by all sections of the society.

Organised cleanliness drive at Har ki pauri Ghat, on the hills of Maa Mansadevi & Maa Chandidevi.

We have actively participated in the greening of Haridwar, one of the most popular pilgrimage destinations of India, along with other environment up gradation programs.

Organized Environment Awareness Camps

We have been regularly running a tree plantation drive in the nearby areas in association with the local schools. As a part of the awareness creation efforts, we have been successful at sensitizing the school children by organizing several activities like ‘Paryavaran Rally’, ‘Marathon’, ‘Painting & Rangoli competition’ on various environment topics.

We have also been removing garbage from nearby areas, like ponds, across roads, temple premises and providing waste bins in affected areas.