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Ropeway General Info

Since ancient times, ropeways have been a highly developed, safe, reliable, and pollution-free mode of transportation. Now-a-days, passenger ropeways are not only used as an effective transportation system in mountainous regions and ski-resorts, but also for public transport, sightseeing transportation and in amusement parks.

Why Ropeway – As A Transport Solution?

  • Most Environmental friendly – No harmful emissions, noise generation
  • More Energy Efficient
  • Least Land requirement
  • Least deforestation
  • High service quality – continuous transportation
  • No disturbance to flora and fauna
  • Cost effective
  • Least Installation time
  • Most suitable for difficult terrains
  • Most reliable

Ropeway – Where can be installed?

  • On a hill top
  • Across a river
  • Across a gorge
  • At Ski Resorts
  • At amusement parks
  • In forests, parks, or open air museums for sight seeing
  • Major cities for Mass Urban Transportation in
  • Factories, construction sites, tea gardens etc for  Material Transportation
  • At construction sites like bridges & dams

Industrial ropeways (for transportation of material) are a very cheap, cost effective, and popular mode of transport. This system has specific advantages like not requiring road or rail, and  can cross rivers, valleys etc.