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Safety Assurance

Safety Practices at followed at the Usha Breco Limited

It is our responsibility and hence, the objective to provide SAFE and RELIABLE service to our customers. Being one of the leading ropeway service providers in India, we cater to a huge audience and it is a key responsibility to always keep our ropeways in excellent operational shape while ensuring the highest standards of maintenance.

We ensure System Safety by adopting the following methods:

Maintenance Management

To maintain a healthy maintenance system, ingredients are-

  • Man, Machine and Methods
    • All resources are utilized with advanced analytical methods
  • We are fully updated with
    • Regular training on advanced methods
    • Latest testing and measuring equipments
    • Documentation of Machine History, Maintenance Log Books, Check Charts

Predefined System Check List

  • Detailed pre-start checks (daily) before starting any commercial operations, to check the health of the system and sabotage, if any.
  • Weekly
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Half yearly and Annual.

Regular Preventive Maintenance

  • A Systematic maintenance schedule is defined as per 33 years of safe ropeway experience
  • Regular system overhauling

Use of system parts up to its expiry

  • The useful life of all critical ropeway parts are defined based on discard criteria

Use of advanced Maintenance Methods and Techniques

In-house trained manpower and tools for CBM (Condition Based Maintenance) activities like vibration analysis of all machines and structures, Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) of critical items (like grips, hangers, etc.) and complete system  overhauling twice a year.

Inspection and Testing by Reputed External Agencies – We have hired reputed external agencies for regular inspection of our ropeways like, Wear Debris analysis (WDA) by IIPM (Indian Institute of Production Management, Kansbahal, Orrisa); MPI, UT, DPT of complete plant load bearing pins, axles, shafts, etc., during plant overhauling twice in a year.

Use of best quality material

  • Having stringent Quality Control Norms for spare manufacturing and selection, all spare parts are manufactured with precision and best quality materials procured from very reputed and credible vendors. Materials selection is done as per latest Indian and International standards.
  • Continual quality improvement in material
  • All machines, spares, oil & lubricants, etc. are brought from the best manufacturers in the field.

System Performance Test

  • System checking at maximum loaded condition, twice a year
  • Testing of all  Auto System parameters, twice  a year
  • System load test in the Worst imbalance loading condition, twice a year