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Usha Breco Limited Credentials


  1. Established in 1969
  2. Part of prestigious Usha Martin Group
  3. ISO 9000:2008 certified company
  4. Cumulative experience in Ropeways Operation and Maintenance: More than 100 Ropeway years
  5. Passenger Ropeway
    • Passenger Ropeways Designed and Constructed: 11
    • Cumulative Length of Passenger Ropeways constructed: 13.2Km
    • Total Installed capacity of Passenger Ropeways: 6622 Passenger Per Hour
    • Own and Operate: 6 passenger ropeways
    • Passengers carried by own ropeways as on 24th Sept: More than 97 million
    • Longest Passenger Ropeway constructed : 5.8Km (in two stretches)
    • Highest Capacity Passenger Ropeway constructed: 1500 Passenger Per Hour
  6. Industrial Ropeway
    • Industrial Ropeways Designed and Constructed: 16
    • Cumulative length of Industrial Ropeways constructed: 120 Km
    • Total material transport capacity of Industrial Ropeways: 5900 MT Per Hour
    • Longest Industrial Ropeway constructed : 23Km
    • Highest Capacity Industrial Ropeway constructed: 650Ton Per Hour
  7. Membership
    • OITAF (Organizzazione Internationale Trasporti a Fune / International Organization for Transportation by Rope )
    • Bureau of Indian Standards
    • Confederation of Indian Industry, PHD Chamber of Commerce
  8. Employees and Skills
    • Experience in terms of Man years:  More than 2000 Man – Years
    • Average per employee experience: More than 11 years
    • Total Employees 187
    • Core Competencies – Conceptualisation, Design, Manufacture, Installation, Operation & Maintenance, Ropeway Consultancy, Destination Management leading to early commercial success of project
  9. Safety Measures
    • Exhaustive Preventive Maintenance Procedures
    • External and Internal Audits
    • Half Yearly and Annual Maintenance Schedules
  10. Drive / Power Backup in Passenger Ropeways
    • Emergency Motor drive
    • Diesel Engine Drive
    • Full Capacity DG set